About Us

This venture was a dream of ours.  Ocean Beach is not only where we call home but is also our absolute happy place.  We love this community and are happy to have the opportunity to provide the finest coffee San Diego has to offer to the community we love.


My job is to make coffee come alive. We strive to create incredible hot and cold beverages each and every day that makes our guests sit up, take notice, experience delight and wonder, “Exactly why is this so f*ing good?”


We focus on carrying the BEST coffees the world has to offer. Single origin, fair trade and some organic but only if they are great.  All milks that can be found organic are organic and unsweetened, period.  We have a variety of locally baked pastries, including vegan and gluten-free options available, and handmake all of our syrups in-house with gourmet quality 100% organic ingredients.


We only carry freshly-roasted coffee to ensure our customers receive the best tasting beverage possible! We order our coffee directly from our roaster meaning quality is never an issue. Once the beans are received we allow them to "rest" a few days before brewing, ensuring they have fully evolved.


These are just some of MANY steps we take to ensure you have the best cup of coffee possible. We historically stick to purist options, but aren't afraid to play around – it's all about keeping the balance. 


We're here for you. Come in and let's play.


Christiana, Nick, Ezzy and Mosey (our hairy hairy dog)

The Coffee Method, Ocean Beach

Our Mission


Sustainable Products and Practices

We are committed to sustainability and green business practices.  ‘Green’ is not a fad for us; it’s a way of life'. Recycling and organic ingredients are a must.


Local Offerings

Born and raised in San Diego, we take pride in everything our city has to offer. We proudly buy local so we can supply local.


Putting Quality First

We focus on carrying the BEST coffee. Single origin, fair trade and some organic but only if they are truly great.