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Our website is now LIVE!

After a whirlwind 2 weeks, we have the website up and are on our way to construction city!

In just about a month, you’ll be able to come by and check out the newly renovated Coffee Method... and check out some additional items to choose from while you're there.

New website, Shop Improvements, and Additional Offerings... The Coffee Method is stepping up and getting ready to step out in a big way.

Nick and I are so excited to be re-opening The Coffee Method here in Ocean Beach. Prior to opening the doors, we are going to complete some site improvements and update the menu (slightly). We'll maintain the same great roast for our coffee, while also incorporating a few new offerings for customers!

New Offerings

We are coffee purists at heart, but understand that not everyone feels that way all of the time. Sometimes we want a great cup of coffee but need something fast; we've got you covered by adding fresh brewed drip coffee to the menu. Then again we might want tea. Other times we might want kombucha. When it's cold outside and we aren't looking for caffeine, in comes a hot chocolate. So we'll be adding these items as well. The one thing that will always be the case, without fail, is that we want a quality, locally produced amazing beverage every time!

The Coffee Method is coming back to give you all that and more.

There will be some mild construction prior to opening, but before we start making real menu changes we want to hear from you. Stop on in and leave a note in our suggestion area, send us a message here or Facebook/Instagram, your feedback is wanted and welcome. We started out as members of the community first, and are now happy business owners in our own backyard. We want to make this amazing for all of you, and can't wait to start serving you again.

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