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Update time.... We're almost there!

Thank you for all of the support and friendly check-in's from everyone around town. We love that you are all as excited as we are to get The Coffee Method (TCM) up and open again!  On that note, we want to share some exciting news: Nick and I are going to have the Grand Re-Opening of The Coffee Method on May 12!  Keep an eye out though, because we may soft-open a little before then. 

We are almost done navigating our way through the permit process which, although is not as convoluted as we thought, does (unfortunately) take more time than expected; wow there's a lot of paperwork and inspections to be had for an existing business! We officially purchased TCM from Robert just about a month-and-a-half ago now, and are happy to say that everything is going pretty smoothly. If you've walked by you can see there are changes happening inside. We decided to upgrade some systems and modify the back of house layout to help with flow.  We are really happy with everything to date and are stoked on the improvements.

As for re-opening, we were shooting to reopen by the end of this month, but it looks like we will have to wait until May (getting plan check appointments with the city and hiring experienced staffing is tough!). If you have any questions or are interested in staying up to date, keep watching our FB page and/or this blog. I have more stuff to post soon and will be updating everyone in my spare time.

Being the owners of this shop is a dream come true. We couldn't be happier to have the opportunity to continue Robert's recipes and tradition of high-quality coffee drinks in OB. We are San Diego natives with lots of OB history, live down the street, and were customers prior to purchasing TCM from Robert... in fact, that's the reason why we bought it! He semi-closed in December 2017 and we just couldn't imagine not having his great quality coffee so close to home. So here we are, doing what we could to keep it going and round it out. 

Thanks again to all of you that have reached out and checked in. Although a few months ago we would have never guessed we would be in the wonderful situation we are, this was always a dream of ours (albeit part of a 4-year plan). We loved TCM as much as anyone and hope to see you in there when we officially re-open.



PS> Also, thank you to all of those who have asked about Robert. I too wrote him a FB message around Feb wondering what the status was with TCM, which is actually what started this whole adventure. He's happy and having fun moving on to his next coffee adventure, which is geeking out and exploring the non-retail side of coffee. It's always nice to meet people who really care about those in our great little community. He and I still talk, so keep your eyes peeled; you may see him as a customer someday!

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